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I am trying to disable SOA from the Azure HPC sample project. I have removed the line config.EnableSOA as instructed at This causes the hpcbootstrapepr to fail, and the hpc job scheduler is not launched properly.

If I re-execute E:\plugins\HpcHeadNode\HPCPack\bin\hpcbootstrapper.exe the job scheduler installation will complete and I can execute MPI jobs.

I want to use MSMPI only and make the deployment as small as possible. (Currently around 56Mb)

Using SDK 1.8 and the latest AppConfigure project from

9/24/2013 10:22:05 PM: Executing command: D:\Windows\System32\wevtutil.exe im E:\plugins\HpcHeadNode\HPCPack\bin\ /rf:E:\plugins\HpcHeadNode\HPCPack\bin\BrokerBase.dll /mf:E:\plugins\HpcHeadNode\HPCPack\bin\BrokerBase.dll /pf:E:\plugins\HpcHeadNode\HPCPack\bin\BrokerBase.dll
9/24/2013 10:22:05 PM: Unhandled exception: Soa runtime ETW manifest installation failed with exit code 2.

The system cannot find the file specified.

9/24/2013 10:22:05 PM:    at HPCBootStrapper.Utils.ExecuteCommandInternal(String cmdPath, String cmdArgs, String actionDesc, Int32 errorToIgnore, Int32 retryErrorCode, Int32 retryTimes, Int32 retryIntervalMs, Int32 procTimeoutMs)
   at HPCBootStrapper.HpcSoa.InstallETWManifests()
   at HPCBootStrapper.HpcSoa.ConfigureSoa(List`1 modules)
   at HPCBootStrapper.HpcBootStrapper.BootStrap(List`1 modules)
   at HPCBootStrapper.HpcBootStrapper.Main(String[] args)

This re-execution resolves: Windows Azure HPC Scheduler Sample - No such host is known

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HPC Scheduler service ( is deprecated.

The officially supported configuration is HPC Pack 2012 installed on a VM hosted on-premise or within Azure. This error is not present in this configuration.


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