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I am sorry for this question since I know it has been asked before (I found it here - has_many through with Factory Girl, or here - FactoryGirl Has Many through and on some more places).

But these questions are all very specific with concrete example and I just did not find the answer there, which I am looking for. I would like some explanation for a noob - in the easiest possible way.

When I want to have rich association in my Factory (something belongs to or has many TROUGH some joined table), how should I do this? I do not mean using the after block, that part I found explained like this:

after_create do |task|
  task.tag << FactoryGirl.create(:tag)

but what about the other part? what should be written in the tag factory - how to write association trough something?

Just to give you context, I tried to put in my Tag factory (in my model it is like task have many tags through taggings)

association :tagging
association :task

But that is not working (undefined method `tag' ...)

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