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We have been having issues where employees commit the SQL files *.SQL files accidently or by mistake as binary instead of text. Is there an easy way to change the format in Collabnet Subversion of files ending in *.SQL to text. The problem is that Subversion does not show the revisioncorrectly when it does a DIFF between the text file & binary. If we commit again as text then it is a text to text DIFF. Text to Binary DIFF shows this below when there are changes:

- No changes -
Diff Legend

–   Removed lines
+   Added lines
<   Changed lines
>   Changed lines

Any easy way to convert or prevent the incorrect checkin? Any way subversion can check if file extension is *.sql and convert/prevent it as being commited as binary? Any way to identify all files ending *.SQL which are saved as binary instead of text in subversion? Can this be done within subversion or with Tortoise without any other tools?

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Subversion doesn't really have Text vs Binary mode with files. All files are stored in the same format.

In Subversion, all a binary file means is that Subversion shouldn't try to merge this file, or do a text diff on it.

Subversion determines whether or not a file is a text file by setting a file property called svn:mime-type. If this isn't set, the file is a text file. If it is set, the file is assumed to be binary. (It might still be considered a text file if the mime-type starts with text/, but I'm not 100% sure...)

What you need to do is to configure your mime-type file to understand that *.sql files are text files. If you use Apache httpd for your Subversion server, you can edit the mime-types file that usually sits in the conf directory where httpd.conf is located.

You can also set this on a per-user basis by setting your $HOME/.subversion/config file in Unix, or by editing your Subversion Registry Entries on Windows.

What you do is setup a mime types file, and then point the mime-types-file entry to that file.

The MIME types file is simply a two column affair with the MIME type in the first column and the suffix in the second column. You need to add something like this:

text/sql              sql

This will guarantee that any file that ends in *.sql is a text file.

For the files you've entered, just remove the property on them:

$ svn propdel svn:mime-type *.sql
$ svn commit -m"Making my SQL files text files"
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