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I have an array of records resulting from a WHERE active record query. Each record has two to sixteen strings as its properties. I need to see if any record contains all of the strings in another array as its properties. How can I achieve this?

Sample Array of Strings:

["12349", "12IUS823", "4809JDSL"]

Sample Record in an Array of Similar Records


  • id1
  • id2
  • id3
  • id4
  • id5
  • id6
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can you more clearly specify the array of products . just saying id1 , id2 doesnt clarify on how the array of products will actually look like . And also to which product field do we need to check the other array with ? –  Raghu Sep 24 '13 at 23:32

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Assuming you can get an array of all the string properties via strings method. I would check if the difference of arrays is empty. It selects records that have at least all the strings in arr

arr = ["12349", "12IUS823", "4809JDSL"]

records.select{|x| (arr - x.strings ).empty? }
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I think you're looking for something like this...

["12349", "12IUS823", "4809JDSL"].all? { |value| [ id1 , id2 , id3 ].any? { |id| id == value } }

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