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I have a simple shapefile I want to plot with the general plot() (I noticed that ggplot is extremely slow in plotting maps).

I can correctly plot the shape with the code

map_shp <- readShapePoly(map_filepath)
map <- fortify(map_shp)

But how could I define the color and width of the lines?

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If you aren't set on using ggplot2 for everything, you can sidestep fortify() and just use the sp package's well-developed tools for plotting objects of class SpatialPolygons*:

library(rgdal) # For readOGR(), generally preferable to readShapePoly() IMHO
library(spdep) # For the "columbus.shp" file that ships with the package

map <- readOGR(dsn = system.file("etc/shapes", package="spdep"), 
               layer = "columbus")
plot(map, border="red", lwd=3)

enter image description here

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Do you suggest to use ggplot2 also for rendering maps? I noticed it is very slow. –  CptNemo Sep 25 '13 at 1:48
@CptNemo -- I might not be the right person to comment, since I don't use ggplot2. I do use R for mapping and spatial analyses, and can tell you that the sp, raster, rasterVis packages have good support for base and lattice graphics. Also, I've heard your same complaint about ggplot2 from others, followed by the recommendation that they use lattice or base graphics instead. –  Josh O'Brien Sep 25 '13 at 16:09

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