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Ok, I've red many posts like this one (Link) but I can't get this to work...

I have a domain wdmnd.com and a subdomain shadowstrikers.wdmnd.com

step 1 - while at domain, a session variable is set through: Session["User"] = value;.

step 2 - after redirecting to subdomaine, session variable Session["User"] is not set.

I did set <httpCookies domain=".wdmnd.com"/> and Session state is InProc by default in all web.config of domain and subdomain. I can see they have the same SessionId

enter image description here

Since they have the same SessionId, shouldn't Session["User"] in domaine have the same value as Session["User"] in subdomain?

What am I doing wrong? :(


Just found a similar question, but it is not answered : ASP.NET sharing session across multiple wildcard subdomains

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How happy would I be if this could work :( –  JoRouss Sep 25 '13 at 9:59

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