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I have a web service API (Java 1.6/CXF 2.7.1/Spring 3.1/ehcache 2.6.5) that returns daily data which I re-calculate every night. This API sits on two instances of Tomcat, with cache data replicating between the two servers. I want to pre-load the top 20% requested data each morning after I calculate the new numbers.

My questions is this:

What's the best way for me to pre-load and replicate this new data across my web servers?

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I decided to create a cache loader within my webapp that will read a data file and call the cached method. I will include this bean definition on one web server deployment to act as "master". I had considered moving this process to its own server but that seemed like overkill. –  Pythonicus Sep 26 '13 at 22:05
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