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So executing this gives me back an error:

no block given (yield)

Well never had a deep look at blocks in ruby, which seems to be an issue in here. If you have a better solution please provider, otherwise I wanted to find a workaround for the this legacy code...

  def tab_groupings
    result = at_a_glance_grouping
    result += rating_grouping if @domain_context.include_ratings and (controller.controller_name !='rewards_credit_cards')
    result += specific_tab_groupings

  def at_a_glance_grouping
    result = [[:at_a_glance, yield]]
    product_type = controller.controller_name == 'fairfax' ? @product_type_helper[:controller] : controller.controller_name
    result[0][1].insert(0, :overall_rating) if @domain_context.include_ratings and (product_type !='rewards_credit_cards')

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yield is used to execute a block that you pass to the method, and then you do something with the result of that call.

Your method at_a_glance_grouping therefore expects you to pass a block to it... which it will then execute on the following line (where you use yield)

You don't pass any blocks to at_a_glance_grouping in the first line of tab_groupings, and therefore ruby rightfully complains.

What are you trying to achieve with the yield ?

Do you really need it at all? If not - then just remove it.

If sometimes you do pass a block to this method, then you need to check for that before calling yield eg:

 result = [[:at_a_glance, yield]] if block_given?
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