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i have just started using adobe livecycle . i dont need to understand the livecycle with a developers perspective but as of now i have to get into testing livecycle applications. where should i get started so that i understand basics of livecycle. for instance i would like to know what a watched folder is . please refer me to livecycle tutorial

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I'd suggest checking out the Adobe Evangelism Team's Tour de LifeCycle reference:


I've found it to be a good centralized point for blogs, turorials and documentation on all things LiveCycle.

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It's important to realise that LiveCycle is a suite of products (Some people even call it a platform). The suite contains many solution components and your approach to testing would probably depend on which components you're working with.

Having said that; generally LiveCycle applications involve PDF-based electronic forms that users can fill in online and submit to a BPM server for processing. In more recent times Livecycle can also be seen as the back-end for enterprise-scale Flex applications.

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You might find the LiveCycle Application Development Process useful - it highlights the installation, planning, development, deployment, and maintenance phases of a LiveCycle application.

Best of luck! -John

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