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I have a website: http://barrettindustrial.com.au/ but when I searched it on Google, I got a message: "A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt".

Here is my robots.txt file: http://barrettindustrial.com.au/robots.txt

Anyone can help me fix this issue. Thank you a lot!


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I checked your site's meta tags and your robots.txt, and I don't see anything that could cause Google any problems indexing your site.

Specific to Magento there are two things that could impact Google search:

  1. In Magento's admin, navigate to System->Configuration, then go to Design->Default Robots, and make sure it's set to INDEX, FOLLOW

  2. You have URL rewrites enabled in your Magento installation, so /index.php isn't actually appearing in any of your URLs. Depending on the behavior of Google's crawlers, this could mean that the Allow: /index.php directive isn't actually doing anything. Most likely though it wouldn't do anything either way, since I'm almost 100% sure that everything defaults to Allow until Disallowed. I would suggest just removing the Allowed: /index.php directive entirely, just in case.

Most likely you had a problem earlier, and fixed it, but Google hasn't updated yet.

Google's internal processes are very slow sometimes, and that's especially true of site descriptions. They cache robots.txt and all search data for long stretches of time, and if your site isn't high-traffic, Google will cache it for a longer period of time.

I've seen it take weeks for Google to update a site's description in its search results.

So the answer here is, wait a few weeks and see if the problem persists. I'm pretty sure it'll clear up on its own. Good luck.

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