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I am using Macbook air and its OS is OS X 10.8.5, installed win7 with virtual box. And developing web application at win7 virtual box, I want to port forward virtualbox port to host port. So that I could test app on the host and also to the mobile phone using same wifi.

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First I didn't type host and guest ip and put the port value 8000. I figured out guest ip and host ip by writing "ipconfig" and "ifconfig".

After running server of guest, I wrote the web address on host browser like below,

http://[guest ip]:8000/

But cannot load the web page of guest.

What is the problem?

And also if I want to load the web application of virtualbox to mobile phone

How could I do it?

Though it looks a bit silly, It would be glad to have an advice.

Thanks in advance :)

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