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I do have three text box, where all are required field. which is tightly coupled with a model

Name* :
Age* :
Check Button
Date* : //This is a hidden filed

Continue Button

When i click on continue button all the validation error messages will get displayed. i am entering the Name and Age then click on Continue. then the validation should fire for click on check button before continuing.

if i click on check button,date will be generated, and the validation error message still will be displayed on the page until i click on continue button.

I just want to clear of the validation message when click on verfiy button. how can i do that.

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xVal doesn't actually do any validation, it just hooks into existing validation frameworks. Which framework are you using? Does the Check Button cause a postback, or does it do javascript –  David Kemp Dec 14 '09 at 16:06

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If you want to wire up the validation with dynamic content you can simply send down the xVal generated javascript with the content it should validate.

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