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Greetings for the Day Everyone!

I was working with Xcode 4.x till now. After official release of Xcode5.0, I upgraded my project built with Xcode4.x to Xcode5.0. Now I'm facing a weird issue. When I run my project in device/simulator with iOS7 it perfectly shows my app with graphics designed in xib. But when I run it with my iPod containing iOS6.0.1, it shows the app & those graphics which are created programatically. But not able to see the designs which are created using xib. I have tried so many solutions but none of those work for me.

  1. I tried by editing Architectures and valid architectures from arm64,armv7,armv7s to armv6,armv7
  2. I tried by removing armv7 from Architectures & valid architectures
  3. I set a minimum iOS as deployment target
  4. I did check very well with info.plist "Required Device Capabilities" as armv7


  • this problem occurs for my every app which I have upgraded for Xcode5.0
  • I use storyboards

Any help is appreciated!

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After spending some time in resolving this issue. I finally found the solution.

Here it is, if anyone doesn't know.

For the graphics which are not visible to me in iOS6.x, if I have designed those via xib, I adjust Autosizing for each control according to their place in the screen.

Thus, I got my designed back running successfully on device with iOS6.

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