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I want to put Apache 2.2.9 in front of a Weblogic 9.2 server on Windows XP. What does it take to do that ?

I probably need mod_proxy on the apache side ?

As far as Weblogic and apache are concerned, is there something similar to mod_jk ?

I would like this setup so that I can introduce some filtering later on. But for now, the goal is to allow other computers to access weblogic appserver so that Apache forwards all requests coming to it (at a certain URL) to Weblogic.

I have done this several times earlier BUT have forgotten how I did it.

Thanks for any pointers,

I guess answers most of the basic fundas. Will update the forum if I have more inputs.

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The right way to do this is to use the Apache HTTP Server plug-in provided by BEA/Oracle and bundled with Weblogic.

For details, refer to the legacy BEA WebLogic Server 9.2 Documentation and more precisely to:

Note: These links are the up to date links since is now down.

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Agree with Pascal about the weblogic plugin --that is the preffred one, I can still list two choices for you

1> Apache Plugin for weblogic:

this not only forwards request to weblogic from Apache, but can also act as HTTP load balancer for your weblogic setup.

update httpd.conf to load weblogic_module   -->

<IfModule mod_weblogic.c>  
  MatchExpression *.jsp  
  MatchExpression *.xyz

2> Apache Proxy pass

if you are looking for simple redirect from Apache use this

update httpd.conf to load proxy_module -->

<Location /service>

use which ever suit your need

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We used the WebLogic plugin to load balance and front our applicatiosn, using virtual hosts and locations.

For example:


WebLogicCluster, SetHandler weblogic-handler

This config will balance requests to to and

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