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I am looking at combining matplotlib and jinja2 to produce html pages.

What I do now is just including an image previously produced by matplotlib as a reference in my html page. The result is really static.

I've seen related questions like here or here, but none related to matplotlib/jinja integration (ultimately I'd like interactivity but It does not seem to be simple enough for me).

Is there any alternative to what I do ?

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what do you mean by 'really static' and 'interactivity'? do you want to modify plots on the client side? –  Garrett Sep 27 '13 at 20:14

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Ipython notebook from v1.x uses jinja2.

You can create inline images in the notebook and then convert it to a static html with nbconvert. You can provide custom css and you can customise the output html to hide code cells, cell numbers, ...

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