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I have source code in VB and I want to convert it in C# to send command & string to COM1. What's the C# code to do this?

This code in VB6:

Comm1.Output = Chr$(&H5)
Comm1.Output = Chr$(&H2) + Chr$(&H10) + Chr$(&H31) + msg + Chr$(&H10) + Chr$(&H32) + msg2 + Chr$(&H3)
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Have you tried to solve this problem by self? –  freemanoid Sep 25 '13 at 8:05
I havent seen any movement on this, did you have more questions? –  paqogomez Sep 25 '13 at 10:11

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Based on a few tests and a few articles, I think this would work better.

char char2 = (char)int.Parse("2", NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
char char3 = (char)int.Parse("3", NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
char char5 = (char)int.Parse("2", NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
char char10 = (char)int.Parse("10", NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
char char31 = (char)int.Parse("31", NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
char char32 = (char)int.Parse("32", NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);

Comm1.Write(string.Format("{0}{1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}{7}", char2, char10, char31, msg, char10, char32, msg2, char3));

There is no mention of how you initialize the serial port, my assumption is that is already correct. If not, there are articles to read on the subject.

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