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I am learning git and I came across the following situation.

I am having two folders Work_DevCycle1 and Work_DevCycle2. I have to create two branches namely userA/DevCycle1 and userA/DevCycle2 and push them to the repository.

  1. Work_DevCycle1 under userA/DevCycle1

  2. Work_DevCycle2 under userA/DevCycle2 branches

My Approach:

First I am creating Work_DevCycle1 folder, once after entire work is done I am using the following commands:

git branch userA/DevCycle1
git checkout userA/DevCycle1
git add Work_DevCycle1
git commit -m "Updated DevCycle1"
git push origin UserA/DevCycle1

Result: DevCycle1 is present under userA/DevCycle1 branch

Now I am creating one more folder called Work_DevCycle2, once after entire work is done I am issuing the following commands:

git branch userA/DevCycle2
git checkout userA/DevCycle2
git add Work_DevCycle2
git commit -m "Updated DevCycle2"
git push origin UserA/DevCycle2

Result: Work_DevCycle1 and Work_DevCycle2 are present under userA/DevCycle2 branch.

What I want is instead to have Work_DevCycle2 folder under userA/DevCycle2 branch.

Can any body help me to sort out the issue ?


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