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I need inline language translate in magento but it's not working.

I want to translate custom content, which is added from product tab at admin side and displayed at front-end.

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First locate the template being loaded:

  1. Go to System->Configuration->Advanced->Developer, select your store view in the dropdown on the top-left, expand the Debug section, and set all 3 options to Yes

  2. Load the content in question on the frontend. There will be a red border around the area with the text you want translated, and you should also see the path to the template being loaded.

Then edit the template file. Try this:

echo $this->__("I Need To Translate This Text");

The __() method is a text translator method that belongs to the Helper_Abstract that all helpers extend from.

This will make translations based on CSV file in:

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i am follow below for translate in magento, echo $this->__('test'); but i want to use follow, echo $this->__($str); is this possible in magento? in $str i have more then one words. i have already .csv for translate its. like Label: Contents: Name ABC –  hitmystyle Oct 3 '13 at 7:16

If you want to translate name of the product from inline translation, see in phtml file if that is echoed under $this->__("")

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