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In php mode I have try catch (when it's global - no function)

try {
    throw new Exception("Hello");
} catch(Exception $e) {


the indentation put two spaces (even indent is 4 spaces), I have a function that fix it using this:

(defun unindent-closure ()
  (message "%s" c-syntactic-context) ; debug
  (let ((syntax (mapcar 'car c-syntactic-context)))
    (if (and (member 'arglist-cont-nonempty syntax)
              (member 'statement-block-intro syntax)
              (member 'brace-list-intro syntax)
              (member 'brace-list-close syntax)
              (member 'block-close syntax)))
          (delete-char (* (count 'arglist-cont-nonempty syntax)
      (if (member 'defun-close syntax)
            ;; top level try cache have two extra spaces before closing braces
            (if (looking-at "^ \\{2\\}[^ ]")
                  (delete-char 2))))))))

(add-hook 'php-mode-hook (lambda ()
                            (add-hook 'c-special-indent-hook 'unindent-closure)))

it also fix closures indentations, it work fine when I have 4 spaces as indent but fail on this, when I have 2 spaces:

class foo extends Controler {
  function foo() {

in both cases syntax is defun-close (on closing curly brase). Is there other way to fix 2 spaces in try catch in php mode?

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