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I created a website but i have a problem. i want to build once an index und use it.

at the moment i have two functions "create a document an store it into the directory" and "searching"

when the user submit:

sub submit ()
end sub

this works, but when i try this:

sub submit()
end sub

it's like the directory has been deleted.

Dim analyzer As StandardAnalyzer = New StandardAnalyzer()Dim directory As Directory = FSDirectory.GetDirectory("C:\[...]luceneindex", True)
Dim indexwriter As IndexWriter = New IndexWriter(directory, analyzer, True)

Sub create_doc()
    Dim meindoc As New Document()
    im feldbodytext As Field = New Field("bodytext", textstring[...]
end sub

Sub lucene_search(ByVal strSuchbegriff As String)
    Dim parser As QueryParser = New QueryParser("bodytext", analyzer)
    Dim query As Query = parser.Parse(strSuchbegriff)
    Dim hits As Hits = searcher.Search(query)
end sub

Is there a possibility to store the index permanently? could there be a problem init. the index writer gloabel, but close it local?

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I think your problem is that each time you declare your IndexWriter, the index is being re-created and the contents of the index erased - this is because of the 3rd parameter being passed into the constructor (True):

Dim indexwriter As IndexWriter = New IndexWriter(directory, analyzer, True)

You should instead use False, to indicate that the existing contents of the index should remain unchanged:

Dim indexwriter As IndexWriter = New IndexWriter(directory, analyzer, False)
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hello, thank your for yor answer, by using Dim indexwriter As IndexWriter = New IndexWriter(directory, analyzer, False) i encounter an error "source can't be found" and it even doesn't find anything when i'm indexing the first time, when i put both functions in one other function he finds an index. could it be the directory? : Dim directory As Directory = FSDirectory.GetDirectory("C:\Dok[...]\luceneindex", True) – Tyzak Dec 15 '09 at 8:00

ahh, i think i've got it ;-)

the first time i create a index i have to use

Dim directory As Directory = FSDirectory.GetDirectory("C:\[...]\luceneindex", True)
Dim indexwriter As IndexWriter = New IndexWriter("C:\[...]luceneindex", analyzer, True)

and after indexing i have to use both with "False".

True everytimes creates an index? thanks =)

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Yes - you need to use that the first time you create the index, then from that point on you use False to indicate you are adding to an existing index. – Justin Dec 15 '09 at 9:21

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