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I'm implementing Google Analytics Ecomerce tracking for my android app.

Based on GA's document(please see the code below), i need to create a new Transaction.Builder with a "Transaction Id" required. I found there's no Transaction Id returned from Google but Order ID. - The question is how to retrieve Transaction Id or can i use Order ID instead? the sample formatting of returned Order ID is: 12999763169054705758.1356245045384470

 * The purchase was processed. We will send the transaction and its associated line items to Google Analytics,
 * but only if the purchase has been confirmed.
public void onPurchaseCompleted() {
  Transaction myTrans = new Transaction.Builder(
      "0_123456",                                           // (String) Transaction Id, should be unique.
      (long) (2.16 * 1000000))                              // (long) Order total (in micros)
      .setAffiliation("In-App Store")                       // (String) Affiliation
      .setTotalTaxInMicros((long) (0.17 * 1000000))         // (long) Total tax (in micros)
      .setShippingCostInMicros(0)                           // (long) Total shipping cost (in micros)

  myTrans.addItem(new Item.Builder(
      "L_789",                                              // (String) Product SKU
      "Level Pack: Space",                                  // (String) Product name
      (long) (1.99 * 1000000),                              // (long) Product price (in micros)
      (long) 1)                                             // (long) Product quantity
      .setProductCategory("Game expansions")                // (String) Product category

    Tracker myTracker = EasyTracker.getTracker(); // Get reference to tracker.
    myTracker.sendTransaction(myTrans); // Send the transaction.
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In google analytics sdk for android, the transaction id refers to a unique identifier for each customer transaction in your ecommerce application. In any ecommerce application, each customer transaction will have a unique identifier number which can be used as a primary key while storing the transaction details in your site's database. So while sending a hit of type ecommerce to analytics, you can use this same unique id, which seems to be the order id in your case. Also note that you should use the same transaction id/order id while sending the item details correspoding to a transaction and GA will use this for linking the transaction and item details.

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