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How to display value from yield return ?

This my code :

public void getTypeRoomb1(string buildingNUM){
public IEnumerator getjsonroomtype1(string buildingNUM){
        WWW request = new WWW(mainurl+"json_typeroom.php?building="+buildingNUM+"");   
        yield return request;    
        if (request.error == null || request.error == "")   
            var N = JSON.Parse(request.text);    
            if(N["type"].Count < 1){    
                notFoundText = "Not found";     
                yield return N; // Value return this line.    
            Debug.Log("WWW error: " + request.error);    

I locate line to return value.How do I display value ?

Suggest me plaese!

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What do you mean exactly by DISPLAY? – meilke Sep 25 '13 at 10:54
I'm partial to the lambda return method. – Jerdak Sep 25 '13 at 18:22

You have to save the "returning value" somewhere else, like get a reference to an other object and provide it with the value.

Coroutines in Unity can't return anything.

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You could pass the yielded values through a dedicated method:

static IEnumerable LogValues(IEnumerable enumerable)
    foreach (var value in enumerable)
        yield return value;

// ..
// Keep getjsonroomtype1 untouched
// ..

public void getTypeRoomb1(string buildingNUM)
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