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We are designing an ASP.NET website. The client asked us to have the website with Web 2.0 features.

Would you please provide any good reference material links to achieve this Web 2.0? I need one more clarification please. May I know out of JQuery / Prototype / Other which one is the latest JavaScript framework that designers are using in designing websites?

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See Web 2.0 Reference Center

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks

I prefer using jQuery because of

  1. Huge user base

  2. Plenty of plugins

  3. Good documentation

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I'm using MooTools and I love it, though if I hadn't known any JS library syntax, I'll go ahead and start with JQuery. At the end they all seem to give the same features, but JQuery I believe is more popular and for example, even here you can get more answers to your questions.

Regarding web 2.0:


and famous 2.0 websites can be found here:


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