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When testing, using QUnit, a custom jQuery plugin that has an ajax function, the json that's return by the server can have an error code. When testing a successful query all is fine.

But when an error code is returned (i.e. License Error) the asyncTest is returning 4 assertions when

  1. The expected passing assertion
  2. [object Object] Source: [object Object:undefined

  3. same as 2

  4. Expected 1 assertion, but 3 were run

Where are the extra assertions coming from?

jsfiddle showing issue (the plugin being tested is an external resource): http://jsfiddle.net/kevinmanx/D3b7z/

The plugin is doing an ajax call with:

$(el).trigger('error', { textStatus: data.ErrorText });

The QUnit test is:

asyncTest('Test PCE method - unsuccessful', 1, function() {
    // Set up.
    var confirm = j('<div/>', { id: 'confirm'});

    // Create test items.

        pceUrl: 'https://apps.afd.co.uk/salesforce/service',
        serialNumber: valid.serialNumber,
        password: 'password'
    .bind('error', function (event, params) { 
        ok(true, 'Error: ' + params.textStatus);

        // Tidy up.
    .bind('success', function (event, params) { 
        ok(false, 'Test sucessful');

        // Tidy up.
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