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What is the way to view the return data of the parse function of the spider when I execute a script like this?

from twisted.internet import reactor
from scrapy.crawler import Crawler
from scrapy.settings import Settings
from scrapy import log, signals
from testspiders.spiders.followall import FollowAllSpider

spider = FollowAllSpider(domain='scrapinghub.com')
crawler = Crawler(Settings())
crawler.signals.connect(reactor.stop, signal=signals.spider_closed)

I disable the log for view the print messages in the spiders, but with the log enabled the return data don't show either.

The code of the spider parse function return a simple string.

How i get this data? I try to print the "reactor.run" results but always is "none"

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This is the way I have found to get the collected items:

items = []
def add_item(item):

crawler.signals.connect(add_item, signals.item_passed)

I gave my original answer in the linked question and give a bit more details: http://stackoverflow.com/a/23892650/2730032

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If you want to see the logging in the screen change this line:


to this:


to your script.

See this question

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