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I need a solution to deploy the Oracle Instant Client on User's PC's (on or more) .Please suggest some way which I can do to make a Setup from what Oracle provides.

Basically the Oracle Instant Client is a ZIP file (instantclient-basic-win32- (46,734,555 bytes) you can extract to a folder on the User's PC and then set:

  • 1 x System Variable Path.
  • 3 x Environmental Variable.

And your application can connect to oracle via the oci.dll.

Can I make a setup and include all these file and then the setup should set the :

  • 1 x System Variable Path.
  • 3 x Environmental Variable.

I would host the setup on a intranet web server and the user will download the oracle client installer the installer would do its job.

Is this possible or feasible?

My other concerns would be would the setup run for a user (domain)?

Any suggestions welcome.

I could do this in WiX.

Thanks in advance.

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The is feasible. I have seen this done at a former client of mine.


  1. Don't put tnsnames.ora on a network share. This will break things in weird ways. Use a name server instead. You can use Oracle's or bind. Bind is much more reliable.
  2. Add something into your install so you can track how many people and who installs it. This will help with later support.
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It sounds like the sort of thing that could just be done with a DOS batch file.

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