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I have been working on a dynamic image script.The main reason I was searching for it is I want to show user info from a database.Here's my problem:

    $array=array("I am a monument to all your sins", "Currently making pizza","Best before 12/7/09", "Farming Onions");
            function imagettftext_cr(&$im, $size, $angle, $x, $y, $color, $fontfile, $text)
                // retrieve boundingbox
                $bbox = imagettfbbox($size, $angle, $fontfile, $text);
                // calculate deviation
                $dx = ($bbox[2]-$bbox[0])/2.0 - ($bbox[2]-$bbox[4])/2.0;         // deviation left-right
                $dy = ($bbox[3]-$bbox[1])/2.0 + ($bbox[7]-$bbox[1])/2.0;        // deviation top-bottom
                // new pivotpoint
                $px = $x-$dx;
                $py = $y-$dy;
                return imagettftext($im, $size, $angle, $px, $y, $color, $fontfile, $text);

    $image = imagecreate(500,90);
    $black = imagecolorallocate($image,0,0,0);
    $grey_shade = imagecolorallocate($image,40,40,40);
    $white = imagecolorallocate($image,255,255,255);

    $text = $array[rand(0,sizeof($array)-1)];

    $otherFont = 'open.ttf';
    $font = 'open.ttf';

    $name = "erlis";
    $name = substr($name, 0, 25);    

    //BG text for Name
    //BG text for saying
    // Main Text


This part works perfectly with simple text and no mysql queryes. But when I try to initiate a mysql query..let's say $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM serverplayers WHERE id=1"); it just breaks the image.It doesn't matter what kind of form I use but it just brakes my image.How can I implement some "fetch from the database" code? Maybe $_GET[''] or something like that.

I need the $name="erlis"; to be changed to a users info.

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This seems to be a matter of how to debug that beast.

  1. Build yourself a URL that opens the image AND test it in any browser. Something like

    http :// yourserver / images?id=1 (adapt this to your needs please - was just an example)

  2. Add your mysql sequence to the code

  3. Uncomment your mimetype header modification like this:

    // header("Content-type:image/png");

  4. run the link from step 1 in the browser -> the php/mysql debugging potentially hints you on the error

  5. if you cannot see anything on the browser try 'view source code' from the browser's menu
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