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I have a wicket application (version 6.10) deployed in Tomcat7: myapp.war

web.xml has following configuration:


So I can access wicket pages like


Untill here everything works fine. I mount my pages in MyWebApp.init() like this:

mountPackage("/", HomePage.class);

and I am able to access HomePage as well as the other pages in the same package as specified above.

The problem arrives when I try to mount pages in a different package If I use same strategy as before, it does not work at all:

mountPackage("/m/", MobilePage.class);

When I try to access MobilePage, I get an exception:


WicketObjects.resolveClass WARNING  Could not resolve class [com.myapp.m]
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.myapp.m

And the same for any other page in the same package (all of them are Bookmarkable). However if I mount them one by one:

mountPage("/m/MobilePage", MobilePage.class);
mountPage("/m/MobilePage2", MobilePage2.class);

, or if I mount them in the root, it works:

mountPackage("/", MobilePage.class);

in the former case accessing them with the myapp/pages/m/MobilePage and in the latter without /m/ : myapp/pages/MobilePage

So my question here is (and sorry for long explanation): how to mount a new package under a desired path (/m/ in this case)?


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@tetsuo I don't want the pages as "root" pages, I want them mounted under certain path so that link doesn't help much –  spuas Sep 25 '13 at 13:46
Ok, after a day fighting with all these stuff just found that the method should be called without last '/' so mountPackage("/m", MobilePage.class); or even mountPackage("m", MobilePage.class); works –  spuas Sep 25 '13 at 16:19

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I have personally not used this syntax, but you might try it:

public final void mount(String path, PackageName packageName)

This seems to address what you are looking for.

You would write it like this:

public final void mount("/m/", PackageName.forClass(MobilePage.class));


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That method is not present in wicket 6.10 anymore –  spuas Sep 25 '13 at 12:37
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Instead of calling the method with '/m/' path, do it without last slash, so

mountPackage("/m", MobilePage.class);

works just fine...

One day lost for this :(

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The classname in the error message could have given you a hint: "Could not resolve class [com.myapp.m]". Notice it is saying that it is looking for a class named 'm' in package com.myapp ... –  Stijn de Witt Nov 20 '13 at 13:36

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