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I have included my main.js and shell.js below for reference. As you can see my default route in the shell.js is the viewmodels/search and it has a second route to viewmodels/application with can take an option parameter, which is the IDKey for a particular application. Most of the time this is how I want users to enter the system by starting with the search screen where they can search for a particular application or have the option to click a button to start a new application. However I would like to be able to publish url links that could skip the search page and start the application with the viewmodels/application page with the appropriate IDKey.

I just cannot seem to figure out how to implement this behaviour. Can anybody get me pointed in the right direction of how to implement this.


define('jquery', [], function () { return jQuery; });
define('knockout', [], function () { return ko; });

define(['durandal/system', 'durandal/app', 'durandal/viewLocator'], function (system, app, viewLocator) {
    app.title = 'My App';

    //specify which plugins to install and their configuration
        router: true,
        dialog: true,
        widget: {
            kinds: ['expander']

    app.start().then(function () {

        toastr.options.positionClass = 'toast-bottom-right';
        toastr.options.backgroundpositionClass = 'toast-bottom-right';


        app.setRoot('viewmodels/shell', 'entrance');



define(['plugins/router'], function (router) {
    return {
        router: router,
        activate: function () {
            return router.map([
                { route: '', moduleId: 'viewmodels/search', title: 'Permit Application Search', nav: true },
                { route: 'application(/:id)', moduleId: 'viewmodels/application', title: 'Permit Application', nav: true }

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Following your routes as shown in code, you should simply be able to publish a link like http://yourdomain.com#application/12

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for cleanliness, try yourdomain.com/#/application/12 –  Matthew James Davis Sep 26 '13 at 18:47

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