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I have:

MqttAsyncClient mq;
   mq = new MqttAsyncClient(myServer1,"app1");
   //doing something with mq (pub/sub)

Now I am using a Monitoring Console and I see:

  • In (1), 3 Mqtt threads: MQTT REC, MQTT SND and MQTT Call
  • In (2), 2 Mqtt threads: MQTT SND and MQTT Call
  • After further seconds only 1 thread MQTT CALL

The CALL thread will never be stopped. How come ?

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do you have the full code of multithreading with mqtt – PathuZ Sep 9 '14 at 12:09

I think use should use : MqttClient client = new MqttClient... then call client.connect();

Because, It will invoke the code : aClient.connect(options, null, null).waitForCompletion(getTimeToWait()); (you can check the source code)

so it can make sure the connection is really completed.

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