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I have a very strange problem in a Flex 3.4 Datagrid. One of the columns is a ComboBox - I have my own custom renderer for the ComboBox. I use it to select my data and then make a "save" to the db. Upon return the comboBox loses its value. Even stranger is that when I scroll the datagrid area to the left (by moving scrollbar right) - the values in the ComboBox change!! When I scroll the datagrid right (by moving the scrollbar left) - the values in the ComboBox don't change.

Has anyone seen anything remotely like this in a Flex app?



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Item renderers get recylced, and its a pain sometimes!

Have a read here and google this

Basically you need to reset your values.

Hope this helps!

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Jammin - you are truely a star! Firstly I could not believe that you answered my question within 1 minute of my posting it! Surely thats a new record, even for StackOverflow? Second - I read the article by Alex - and learnt about renderer recycling. I'm used to Java Swing GUI (and even MFC), so this was quite a new (and confusing) concept for me. Still - managed to crack it after 2 hours. Can't say I fully understand it - but hey - it works! Thanks again. Khalid – Tenakha Dec 14 '09 at 15:37

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