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I am pretty new to mdx expressions, and am currently trying to write a calculated member in SSRS (2012) that does pretty much the following:

Dimension1 - CampaignNames Dimension2 - Customers Dimension3 - ContactDate

now out of These three i want to see the Number(Count) of Customers that have been Contacted (for which there is a ContactDate, so basically where ContactDate is not Unknown or Null). Logicaly maybe something like this

Count(Customers) where ContactDate NonEmpty ( I am not quite sure if i'm typing it correctly, this is just how i Thing it's done for now. i don't know if this would also exclude NULL Values.) I want this to be done Relative to the CampaignName though, so when i put it on a table later, i could Group by Campaign Name and then Customers.

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Assuming you want to define this as an Analysis Services calculated measure, you could use something like this:

WITH member [Contacted Customers] as

As you did not state it, I was guessing that the dimension names are CustomersDim and ContactDateDim, and Customers and ContactDate are attribute hierarchy names, and that the name of the measure group connecting both dimensions is contacts.

Depending on query filters, you might want to change the second argument to Exists to take the filter into account.

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