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I have an installer which configures 2 websites, one of which has some applications under the root site. The top level site is configured for Windows Authentication only, as below:

<iis:WebSite Id="WebSite"

        <iis:WebAddress Id="AllUnassigned" Port="80" />

        <iis:WebApplication Id="WebApplication"

        <iis:WebDirProperties Id="WebProperties"


Other (optional) components in the installer then declare applications/virtual directories as follows:

<iis:WebVirtualDir Id="HelpWebSite" Alias="Help" Directory="ApexHelpDir" WebSite="WebSite">
    <iis:WebApplication Id="HelpApp" Name="Help" WebAppPool="WebAppPool"/>
    <iis:WebDirProperties Id="HelpProps" AnonymousAccess="yes" WindowsAuthentication="no"/>

The behaviour I'm seeing is what I'd expect 9/10 times, but intermittently the installer will install the "Website" site with both anonymous authentication and windows authentication, rather than just the Help application with anonymous authentication. The only explanation for this that I can think of is that the act of adding a virtual directory/application underneath a root site occasionally causes the root to inherit the child authentication settings as well as its own.

Note: I tried to raise this as a bug on the wixtoolset.org site, but kept getting an error when trying to do so.

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Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? –  Oren Jan 16 at 15:12
@Oren no, unfortunately I've still not found a resolution to this. We're currently using WiX 3.7, so I can't say whether it's been fixed as of 3.8 –  Joeb454 Jan 20 at 13:04

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Try taking the attributes out of your .wxs and just define the tags in your web.config that goes into the installer.

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