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I am making a ajax post call that returns the required information in the response header an the empty response body . I am using the following code to make call

  url : someUrl,
  type : "post",
  contentType : "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",    
  success : function(data, textStatus, request)
  error : function(request, textStatus, errorThrown)
  timeout : "150000"

i always get error alert since the response is empty even though the status is 200 ok. Is there any workaround for the calls like this?

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For example, we want to get Date header from the URL which returns error:

var get = $.get('http://stackoverflow.com/asdasdasddsadsadasde').always(function(){

success and error methods are deprecated in latest versions of jQuery. You may use done, fail and always methods.

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