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I have a angular-template that looks like this:

<div class="radiobutton" ng-repeat="mylabel in field.labels">
    <label for="{{field['key']}}">

and a scope that looks like this:

    key: 'entry.1602323871',
    type: 'radio',
            name: 'media',
            label: 'Media'
            name: 'frilans',
            label: 'Frilans'


I expect that once I click the first radio-button, both of theese elements should get the class "Media" and once I click the second one, they should both get the class "Frilans", because they share the same model, but when I click the media-element that element get the class Medida, and when I click on frilans that element get's the class frilans, the class isn't removed when I click the other element either. Why?

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By using $parent.my_radio_button you access the parent scope rather than the single scope that is created for every single loop.

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