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i tried to get orientation angle using sensormanager on event of onclick of a button and the values to be added in an textview but the sensor value updated each nano seconds on user interface. can you help to create a code to have sensor event vale at particular timestamp.

thanks in advance

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Can you post what you have tried so far? Otherwise I'd recommend or Rent a Coder and pay someone to do your code for you. – RossC Sep 25 '13 at 14:22

There is no direct way of getting a single value from sensor. You will have to use a workaround:

  • in the onClick() method, call registerListener() for that sensor
  • in the onSensorEventChanged() method, call unregisterListener(), then update your TextView.

This will unregister from the listener after one event has been received.

Note, hovever:

  • Event delivery will be asynchronous. The TextView will not have the new value yet as onClick() returns. Any processing relying on that needs to happen in onSensorEventChanged().
  • There is still a bit of a race condition as you may receive multiple events from the sensor before your code unregisters from the sensor. If that is undesired, keep track of whether you have already received an event and discard any subsequent ones.
  • Sometimes sensors may be slow to deliver data (I've seen it happening). There is a chance your activity may terminate before the event gets to you, so make sure to include an extra call to unregisterListener() when your activity goes to the background (e.g. in onPause()).
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Yes, though one might also consider subscribing to sensor events in advance, and remembering the last value received, so that can be used immediately in the button event. One thing that can't be done is to wait in the button even for the next sensor event. – Chris Stratton Sep 25 '13 at 16:07
Thanks for your response but if i get array of data how can i fetch the value exactly on button click. i am struggling there to get the data and not able to solve it too. – alex stuart Sep 26 '13 at 15:54
You get an array from the orientation sensor because there are three angles: roll, pitch and yaw. If you want to fetch sensor values in advance, just define a member mOrientation somewhere in your Activity, do mOrientation = event.values.clone() when you get a sensor event, and return the values from mOrientation in the button event handler. – user149408 Sep 26 '13 at 22:19

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