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I want to start a socket.io script from my worker role and then connect to it from client applications. I was doing the start up task like below.

  <Task commandLine="node.cmd .\castsocket.js" executionContext="elevated" taskType="background">
      <Variable name="PORT" value="4001"/>
      <Variable name="EMULATED" value="false"/>

But am not able to connect to socket url "http://sample.cloudapp.net:4001/" . I RDP into the worker role and using netstat command i found that the port 4001 was active and so am sure the socket.io scripts started properly but am not able to connect/access it.

But if i start the socket.io script from runtime instead of a startup task like below then am able to connect to socket.io server but my actual worker role thread (.NET) never starts.

  <InputEndpoint name="HttpIn" protocol="tcp" port="4001" />
    <Variable name="PORT">
      <RoleInstanceValue xpath="/RoleEnvironment/CurrentInstance/Endpoints/Endpoint[@name='HttpIn']/@port" />
    <Variable name="EMULATED">
      <RoleInstanceValue xpath="/RoleEnvironment/Deployment/@emulated" />
    <ProgramEntryPoint commandLine="node.cmd .\castsocket.js" setReadyOnProcessStart="false" />

Please suggest a way to start both my .NET worker thread and the socket.io script and also be able to connect to the socket.io script from client applications.


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