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pmComm      validFrom   validTo
6.00        2011-11-01  2012-01-24
6.00        2012-01-09  2013-06-30
9.00        2012-01-25  2012-03-31
8.00        2012-04-01  2012-08-31
5.00        2013-07-01  2013-09-30
7.50        2013-10-01  2013-12-31
15.00       2014-01-01  2035-12-31

I have a table and when I am searching data between '2013-12-15' to 2031-05-15, I want the result like this:


pmComm      validFrom   validTo
7.50        2013-12-15  2013-12-31
15.00       2014-01-01  2031-05-15

what should be SQL query to get desire results between range data?

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I want to result like this ---> I need that code ???? –  sᴜʀᴇsʜ ᴀᴛᴛᴀ Sep 25 '13 at 14:14

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The following will output the lower date-range limit as validFrom when validFrom is not within the range but validTo is.

Similarly it will output the upper date-range limit as validTo when validFrom is within the range but validTo is not.


    WHEN validFrom < '2013-12-15' THEN '2013-12-15'
    ELSE validFrom
  END AS validFrom,

    WHEN validTo > '2031-05-15' THEN '2031-05-15'
    ELSE validTo
  END AS validTo

FROM Table

WHERE (validfrom BETWEEN '2013-12-15' AND '2031-05-15'
   OR  validto   BETWEEN '2013-12-15' AND '2031-05-15')
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You have to use between condition i believe, you can find more here.

And query will probably look like this

SELECT pmComm, validFrom, validTo
WHERE (validFrom BETWEEN '2013-12-15' AND '2031-05-15') AND (validTo BETWEEN '2013-12-15' AND '2031-05-15');
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I'm not completely sure what you are trying to achieve, but

SELECT * FROM table WHERE validFrom >= '2013-12-15' AND validTo <= '2031-05-15'

might do the job.

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actually i want to those records that match both fields and also if matched in any one column then replace with searching data like data 2013-12-15' to 2031-05-15 matching between table records "7.50" "2013-10-01" "2013-12-31" –  anil Sep 25 '13 at 15:49
FROM Table
WHERE validTo BETWEEN '2013-12-15' AND '2031-05-15'
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