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I'd like to know how to programmatically exit a Sinatra application from within the application itself. (There's another SO thread about stopping it from outside the app.)

I want to use Sinatra as a means of receiving control and configuration commands while my application does something unrelated to the Sinatra stuff. I'd like one of the control commands to be 'exit'. Ruby's 'exit' method just seems to result in Sinatra recovering and resuming. I found this in base.rb that I think confirms this:

at_exit { Application.run! if $!.nil? && Application.run? }

So far, the only way I've found is to call Ruby's exit! method, but that bypasses exit hooks and is not a very clean solution.

Is there no way to programmatically tell Sinatra to stop?

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That sort of goes against the grain of Sinatra, but this is just Ruby so you can easily do this via open classes/monkey patching.

Just re-open the base.rb at_exit method and override the Application.run! behavior.

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