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I'm trying to access variables which are declared in resource file named AspSPSSiLog.resx .

<asp:Literal ID="LiteralCurrentSimu" runat="server" Text="<%$Resources:AspSPSSiLog,current_simulation_title%>" />

When i Run the code, i have a HttpParserException => The resource object with key 'current_simulation_title' was not found.

I think that the inline expression mentioned above means search for the object current_simulation_title in AspSPSSiLog resource file in the Resources Folder right ?

Could any one have an idea about that give me a hand.

Thanks in Advance

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Here your resource file: AspSPSSiLog.resx will be treated as Global resource file.

And therefore, Asp.Net searches for the ResourceID: current_simulation_title in AspSPSSiLog.resx resource file inside App_GlobalResources folder present in root of your application.

So, firstly create a folder named: App_GlobalResources in root of your application and then place your resource file: AspSPSSiLog.resx inside this folder.

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Exactly, that's the correct Answer, the resource file was not copied inside App_GlobalResources folder. –  Ali Sep 26 '13 at 15:03

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