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If you have a String, lets assume: AB--AB. I want to look for nodes with xpath which can be AB??AB, meaning that the question marks in the node attribute are some kind of a placeholder - and they can vary in their amount of occurrence, so it should also be matched to AB?-AB for example. How can you solve this?

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XPath 2.0 has regular expression support: matches($string, 'AB.{0,2}AB') would match if the string is a sequence of the literal AB followed by zero, one or two arbitrary characters followed by the literal AB.

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With XPath 1.0, you have to stick with substring(....), substring-before(....), substring-after(....), starts-with(...) and string-length(...). Sadly there even isn't an ends-with(...) function.

A possible solution to allow all strings starting and ending with "AB" and at least characters in between might be (I'm not totally sure on your needs):

    starts-with(., 'AB')
    substring(., string-length(.)-1, 2) = 'AB'
    string-length(.) >= 6
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I like the way you wrote the xpath expression..:) The syntax style.So +1 –  Arup Rakshit Sep 25 '13 at 15:50

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