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I can't figure out how to swap/invert these... I have:

H34 Today is H3 going to be H8314 warm! H22 Nice, H831 sunny H5921 and H6 a beautiful H815 day? H730 So H43 I H1 will H921 go H6440 outside H4325 once again.

But I need first the words (some are phrases) and then the numbering system (seen in Bold), like this:

Today is H34 going to be H3 warm! H8314 Nice, H22 sunny H831 and H5921 a beautiful H6 day? H815 So H730 I H43 will H1 go H921 outside H6440 once again. H4325

The good thing is, in my docx file, the wording is always "not Bold" and the numbering system is always "Bold". I would prefer to do it in MS Word 2010 if at all possible. Thanks! Alex

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Your question comes out weird-looking, but I think I understand you. The key is to realize that the replace function can do search/replace on formatting. So, search for bold and replace it with italic. Then search for not-bold and not-italic, and replace it with bold. Then search for italic and replace it with bold. (I am assuming you have only bold and not-bold, with no italics, in the original.)

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H34 Today is H3 going to be –  user2792945 Sep 25 '13 at 18:15
Hi, thanks for helping. Acutally I need to invert "H34 Today is" (first the H code, then the phrase) flip it to read "Today is H34" (first the phrase and then the H code) because it's a numbering system so I need it tagged after the phrase, because eventually it will appear as a superscript reference, thus, it goes after each phrase. Thanks :) –  user2792945 Sep 25 '13 at 18:23
Ah, then you're going to need a macro, no getting around it. Fortunately for you, the bold text is always one word. I think the following algorithm will work. Step 0: Start at the END of the document, and work backwards. Step 1: Find (to the left) non-bold text, and cut it all out. (If the find fails, stop, you're done.) Step 2: Find (to the right) a bold word, and paste your non-bold text to the right of that bold word. Now you'll have two bold words in a row. Step 3: Go to step 1. –  dmm Sep 26 '13 at 15:50
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