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I want to be able to look at the TLS handshake information programmatically, and be able to do something like this:

NSLog(@"Client Hello");
NSLog(@"Server Hello");

There's a good blog post showing said handshake information in greater detail (or see the wireshark capture image below).

I'm already using ASIHTTPRequest, so the code samples below are taken from that code base. I would however, seriously consider switching to the more modern AFNetworking library if logging TLS handshake information is possible with it. I believe AFNetworking uses different objects (i.e. NSURLConnection, NSURLCredential).

I'm adding a SecIdentityRef to the stream (view more code context).

CFReadStreamSetProperty((CFReadStreamRef)[self readStream], kCFStreamPropertySSLSettings, sslProperties);

I'm listing to the following network events:

static const CFOptionFlags kNetworkEvents = kCFStreamEventOpenCompleted | kCFStreamEventCanAcceptBytes | kCFStreamEventHasBytesAvailable | kCFStreamEventEndEncountered | kCFStreamEventErrorOccurred;

This events are described in the CFStream portion of the documentation.

This is how the stream is opened (view more code context):

CFStreamClientContext ctxt = {0, self, NULL, NULL, NULL};
if (CFReadStreamSetClient((CFReadStreamRef)[self readStream], kNetworkEvents, ReadStreamClientCallBack, &ctxt)) {
    if (CFReadStreamOpen((CFReadStreamRef)[self readStream])) {
        streamSuccessfullyOpened = YES;

A switch statement is used when the callback (ReadStreamClientCallBack) gets called to handle the events:

switch (type) {
    case kCFStreamEventHasBytesAvailable:

    case kCFStreamEventEndEncountered:

    //other events here...


I believe the handshake happens between: kCFStreamEventOpenCompleted and kCFStreamEventHasBytesAvailable.

Following the instructions here I was able to capture and analyze packets from/to an iPhone and Server using Wireshark.

Wireshark Capture Picture

Is there any API I can call or library I can use to get similar information on the device?

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