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Where can I find a basic example of using QuantumGrid 6 of Developer Express in a Master-detail relation.

Thanks in advance.

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The DevExpress QuantumGrid page have a very complex and large collection of samples that you can use.
Visit the Knowledge Base section and search for your question.

it's sure that you find somethig usefull.


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Are you aware of the Master-Detail Tutorial in the help file?

You should find it in "$(DXVCL)\ExpressQuantumGrid 6\Help\EXPRESSQUANTUMGRID6.HLP" I guess.

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You need just add a level to your marter data and a sub-level to your detail data. After do that, select your detail level and set DataControler's properties to:

1- MasterKeyFieldNames to PK of master data; 2- DetailKeyFieldNames to FK of detail data.

If you want handle records you still need define KeyFieldNames with the PK to both levels.

To see a detailed explanation about how do it, open EXPRESSQUANTUMGRID6.HLP e search for "master-detail".

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