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Tool to convert java to c# code

I have done a project in java and I want to convert it to C#.Net. I'm using Visual Studio 2008. How can I convert the code from Java to C#? Are there any tools available?

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There are tools that can help do this. For example this one from the team who created db4o:

Smart java to c# conversion for the masses with sharpen

Note that these are not perfect and some constructs and API's cannot be easily translated.

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Here is an Msdn Article about converting from Java to Visual C#.

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I think your best shot would be, unless you really really need all the code in C#, to use Visual J# and integrate your Java code with C#.

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Microsoft used to support their own .net implementation of the Java language, called Java#, but unfortunetelly they discontinued the project.

But at least you could try it to see if it could help you to convert your code to .net

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J#. Only implemented a Microsoft "embrace, extend and extinguish" version of Java 1.1 (Java 1.1 was superseded by Java 2 in 1998). –  Tom Hawtin - tackline Dec 14 '09 at 14:50

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