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I'm using the following code for a date field:

	<%= f.input :date_of_birth, :selected => nil,
							:order => [:day, :month, :year], 
							:prompt => {:day => "Day", :month => "Month", :year => "Year"},
							:start_year => Time.now.year - 15,
							:end_year => Time.now.year - 100 %>

Everything works as expected, except for :selected => nil. I'm using 0.9.7, all the specs pass, including the one regarding a nil :selected value. When I use this though, the current date is selected, save for the year, which doesn't exist.

Am I missing something here? I tried with :as => :date and that did't make any difference.


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This is a known regression/bug in Formtastic right now. Expect a fix in the next gem release.

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You could try to add :include_blank => true, maybe that helps?

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