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What I'm trying to do is have the header image (white banner with Soliya Network blog written on it) to perfectly align with the body of the design. At the moment, the right-side is aligned but the left side always comes short. The banner size is 1050 x 120 pixels but the html coding looks like it is resizing to a percentage of it's actual size only.

Here's a link to template of the blog: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19701820/SoliyaBlog.xml Here is the link for what the blog looks like now: http://soliyanetwork.blogspot.com/ncr

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On your id: header-wrapper

Can be found in your css labeled: #header-wrapper

You need to change it to: padding: 10px 0px; from padding: 10px; to set it back to default.

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