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karma: { unit: { configFile: "<%= grunt.option('Debug') ? 'build/karma.conf.js' : '' %>", console.log(configFile), singleRun: true, browsers: ['PhantomJS'] }, }

How to place debug or console.log statement in gruntfile.js

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2 Answers

Gruntfiles are javascript so you can use console.log() where ever as long as it is valid javascript.

  karma: {
    unit: {
      configFile: 'build/karma.conf.js'
if (grunt.option('debug')) {
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It would be nice if it were that easy... console.log() only outputs client-side stuff to the client; however, since you're working on the server-side of things, you won't see anything pop up in the browser console (rather the server console, probably your terminal).

There is a way around this thanks to the work of others, for instance: https://github.com/ethanl/connect-browser-logger

This will basically hoist those server side logs out to the client for you to see. If you do a Google, you'll find a slew of other solutions (some with the ability to set breakpoints, step through code, etc).

Not shabby!

Edit: Christ, I just realized you wanted the logging specifically IN your gruntfile. That's a bit of a different story, but it still should work for you!

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