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Is it possible to include a carriage-return and or linefeed in an NLog layout. I wish to hold the following format of header information in all my logs:

    Application Name: <Application Name> 
    File Version: <Version number>
    Released:  <Release date>
    User: <Windows User>

    21|17:07:54|domain\user|Trace|  System.OverflowException: Arithmetic operation
         resulted in an overflow at application.form.Button1_Click(Object sender,
         EventArgs e) in D:\Documents and    
         project\application.vb:line 47

All assistance much appreciated


Paul J.

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NLog has a ${newline} LayoutRenderer that will add a newline to the output.

If you want the "header" to only appear once in the log file (or once per run), you might want to see this question as well:

Nlog - Generating Header Section for a log file

This answer also describes adding a header to an NLog log file:


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+1 Nice and clean; better than trying to modified the layout of the message send to nLog. –  Samuel Nov 28 '13 at 21:17

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