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I have problems to open an multicast socket in Erlang to receive messages:

88> gen_udp:open(5353,[{reuseaddr, true}, {ip,{224,0,0,251}},{multicast_ttl,4},{multicast_loop,false},binary]).

I checkt diffrent IP addresses and ports and the option {active, false}, but nothing helps. What could be the reason?

Thanks, Matthias.

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Have you tried adding the option {add_membership, {Addr, LAddr}} where:

  1. Addr is the multicast group in question (e.g.
  2. LAddr is a local interface (e.g. for the default one)

1> gen_udp:open(5353,[{reuseaddr, true}, {add_membership, {{224, 0,0, 251}, {0, 0, 0, 0}}}, {ip,{224,0,0,251}},{multicast_ttl,4},{multicast_loop,false},binary]).


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Hi, thanks for the quick answer! No positive effect :-( Is this a router or a local computer problem? Regards, Matthias – Matthias Dec 14 '09 at 17:10
what are the symptoms? – jldupont Dec 14 '09 at 17:12
But OK, if I try this... (see below) I get a new error with a new hint about the possible problem. Thanks! 99> gen_udp:open(5353,[{reuseaddr, true},{add_membership, {{224, 0,0, 251}, {0, 0, 0, 0}}},{multicast_ttl,4},{multicast_loop,false},binary]). {error,eaddrinuse} – Matthias Dec 14 '09 at 17:17
if this is on OSX or Windows running Bonjour you are not going to be able to send on 5353. I can open and listen on 5353 but I still have not beem able to send on that port from Erlang.… – Jarrod Roberson Dec 14 '09 at 17:48
@fuzzy: Zeroconf/Bonjour might tie up this port and not share it: I wouldn't expect anything different. Running different servers on the same port would be sort of confusing to say the least. – jldupont Dec 14 '09 at 18:16

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